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The remedy that counteracts hair loss, but also thin and brittle hair

July 22, 2023
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The remedy that counteracts hair loss, but also thin and brittle hair

Against thin, fragile hair that breaks and tends to fall out easily, but also to counteract baldness, the ally par excellence is the Annurca apple. It is a variety of apple that is able to support hair growth and counteract its thinning. This emerges from a recent research published in the journal Nutrients by an Italian team from the Federico II University of Naples [1].

Many people suffer from hair problems

Problems affecting our hair, such as hair that is too thin, brittle, that breaks and tends to fall out and more consistent hair loss such as alopecia affect, it is estimated, about 50% of the world's adult population. Regardless of age and gender, these conditions can impact a person's psychological aspect and social relationships. At present, there are some drugs on the market, to be taken by mouth or for topical use, such as finasteride and minoxidil, which help to counteract these problems. However, the side effects that these medicines bring with them have led science, in recent years, to look for natural, effective and well-tolerated alternatives to combat hair loss. If we add to this other recent discoveries that have allowed us to make important steps forward in this sector, by better understanding the biology of hair and its structure made up mostly of keratin, we can understand that the path taken is certainly very promising, capable of safeguarding health and at the same time bringing important benefits to the hair.

Keratin, what it is and benefits

Keratin is a protein that makes up up to 95% of the hair structure, it makes the hair strong, elastic and resistant to traction. Keratin is synthesized by the keratinocytes of the hair follicle and this process can be altered by hormonal, environmental, genetic causes and dietary deficiencies. A mutation in the formation of keratin can lead to weakening and brittle hair. Generally, the initial stages of any form of baldness are precisely connected to a thinning and weakening of the hair, to be found in a defect in the keratin formation process. So, what can be done to stimulate the production of keratin, restore strength and body to the hair and counteract its loss? The Annurca apple is a candidate to be an interesting ally.

Annurca apple, properties

The Annurca apple is a type of apple of Italian origin. The annurca apple is characterized by a practically unique content of antioxidants, being the fruit richest in procyanidins B2. These substances effectively counteract free radicals, are anticancer and help reduce excess cholesterol, by inhibiting both the endogenous production of cholesterol by the liver and the absorption of cholesterol introduced with the diet. Not only that, procyanidin B2 also proves useful in stimulating hair growth. The Annurca apple is a fruit that can be found in specialized shops, it can be ordered online but it is also the basis of supplements, easily available on the market.

What the Annurca apple can do for hair health, the study

Previous studies conducted by the same research group had been able to show that the intake of Annurca apple extracts is able to counteract baldness and hair loss generally caused by several factors, including hormonal factors. Indeed, the intake of Annurca apple extracts in the form of supplements in just two months allowed to increase hair growth, hair count and hair weight. To provide greater consistency to these results and to seek a possible explanation for what they observed, the researchers thus conducted a laboratory study where they placed Annurca apple extracts in contact with human hair follicle cells. It emerged that the Annurca apple is able to stimulate the production of keratin, thus explaining the beneficial action of the fruit on hair observed in previous studies.


The annurca apple is therefore a precious ally for the health of the hair, proving capable of counteracting weak, thin hair that tends to break and fall out and baldness determined by various causes, including hormonal ones. The Annurca apple achieves these goals by stimulating the synthesis of keratin. Indeed, as the authors of the study themselves indicate, there is in the literature no other remedy against hair loss capable of stimulating the production of keratin in such an evident and effective way. The consumption of Annurca apple, both as a fresh fruit and as supplements, has shown no side effects but it is important never to overdo the doses and, in the case of supplements, follow the instructions on the package. In any case, always ask your doctor for advice during pregnancy and if you are taking any medications.

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