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To relax the brain listen to classical music

To relax the brain listen to classical music

Locking yourself in an isolated room? Being in silence? No, to relax the brain what helps more than anything else is to listen to classical music, as suggested by a recent scientific research published in the International Journal of Pshychophysiology by a team of French scientists (Siragusa et al, Apr 2020).
The researchers recruited 25 healthy volunteers. These people were asked to listen to 4 pieces of music lasting 5 minutes each interspersed with 5 minutes of silence. The selected pieces of music were two of classical music considered more exciting and two of calm and relaxing classical music. During the entire duration of the experiment, the volunteers were monitored keeping track of the heartbeat and pulsatility of the brain tissues through an ultrasound brain imaging technique. This technique allows to study the various areas of the brain and the activity of neurons. What emerged is that, more than silence, it was precisely the relaxing classical music that allowed to relax the brain and body through a reduction in pulsatility and heart rate. Instead, the variability of the heart rhythm has not been reduced and this is a positive aspect since the variability indicates the heart's ability to adapt to events and to deal with stress. Among the different songs used for the experiment, one in particular proved to be more relaxing, namely Entrance of the Shades of Minkus.
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