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Tomato juice against high blood pressure and high cholesterol

February 12, 2024
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Tomato juice against high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Tomato juice is a tasty and healthy drink, which helps reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, but also blood sugar, inflammation and free radical damage. Let's delve deeper into this topic on the basis of interesting scientific research

Help against high blood pressure and high cholesterol comes from tomato juice! Here is a truly tasty and healthy way to snack, while taking care of your heart, as stated by recent scientific research published in the journal Food Science and Nutrition by a Japanese team (Odai et al, Food Sci Nutr, 2019).

Tomato juice and its beneficial effects on the heart

Scientists recruited 480 volunteers, all adults between 20 and 74 years old. Study participants regularly drank 200 ml of unsalted tomato juice, as supplied by a local company, for a year. Well, at the end of the study it emerged that drinking tomato juice, regularly and without other lifestyle changes, made it possible to significantly reduce, on average by 4 mmHg, blood pressure, both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, in those who had untreated prehypertension and hypertension at the start of the study. Not only that, even those who had high cholesterol at the start of the study saw benefits from tomato juice. In fact, bad LDL cholesterol was reduced by an average of 5 mg/dl.

Tomato juice, properties and conclusions

Tomato juice provides important nutrients, such as carotenoids, saponins, vitamin A, calcium and GABA, all substances that participate in maintaining a good state of health, including heart health. Research has shown that regularly drinking tomato juice protects the cardiovascular system, with a reduction in blood pressure and bad LDL cholesterol in people with high blood pressure and cholesterol values. It was not possible to understand the mechanism of action of tomato juice. This will be the subject of subsequent studies but it is believed that some substances, such as antioxidants and saponins, may be responsible for this beneficial action.

Therefore, tomato juice, which you can buy ready-made in supermarkets, is truly an interesting drink. Also because, in addition to the properties just seen, other studies have shown that tomato juice is able to improve blood sugar and metabolism, even in obese people, and reduce inflammation and free radical damage (Negri et al, J Clin Med, 2020).

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