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Two kiwifruits daily can improve mood and boost energy

Two kiwifruits daily can improve mood and boost energy

The researchers of the Univesity of Ottago, New Zeland, have observed that eating two kiwifruits per day gives to the body as much energy as it is needed to improve mood and increase energy. This result has been published some years ago, it was 2013, on the Journal of Nutrition science (Carr et al).
The study analyzed two groups of young healthy men over a 6 week period. One group ate two kiwifruits per day and the other just half a kiwifruit. At the end of the research those eating two kiwifruits per day experienced less depression and fatigue and more energy than the others. According to Professor Vissers, head of the team that performed the study, this difference is due to vitamin C introduced in the body. Kiwifruits is indeed an amazing source of vitamin C. This vitamin helps activate several enzymes in our body able to increase metabolic energy but also plays a role in activating neurochemicals in brain, and therefore can improve mood. It is possible to state that the introduction of high levels of vitamin C, as happens with two kiwifruits per day, is able to reduce the sense of fatigue and to enhance the physical and mental energy.
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