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Vitamin D and its beneficial role on memory and cognitive functions

Vitamin D and its beneficial role on memory and cognitive functions

Vitamin D is playing an increasingly central role for what concerns health, both of the body and the brain. This is demonstrated by studies, some of which are very recent, that indicate adequate levels of this vitamin as a weapon against the novel coronavirus but also a way to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, to support the body against infections and to protect memory and cognitive functions, even in case of neurodegenerative diseases. It is precisely this latter aspect that has been deepened by a very recent research performed by the Brain and Malnutrition association in collaboration with the Grana Padano observatory.
The researchers recruited 500 people, with an average age of 70 and all affected by Parkinson's disease. Vitamin D values in blood were measured in all the partecipants. What emerged is that 65.6% of the recruited persons showed a deficiency of vitamin D, below 20 ng / ml, and 26.6% insufficient levels of this vitamin, between 20 and 30 ng / ml, considering that normal values of vitamin D are ??included between 30 ng / ml and 100 ng / ml. Not only that, the cases with confirmed vitamin D deficiency presented a more severe stage of the disease, more pronounced symptoms and impaired cognitive functions. Other studies will follow to shed more light on the link between vitamin D and brain health, but, in the meantime, as stated by Dr. Michela Barichella, president of the Brain and malnutrition Association, it is clear that the vitamin is not only beneficial for bones and in the reduction of infections but also in the evolution of neurodegenerative diseases.
Sources of vitamin D are the sun and some foods such as mushrooms, anchovies, mackerel, sea bass and cheeses.
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