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Watermelon fights the effects of a high-fat diet

Watermelon fights the effects of a high-fat diet

June 29, 2020
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Summer is beginning and in these hot days we like to eat light and fresh food, such as watermelon. But watermelon is not just a refreshing snack, but a really healthy choice, as evidenced by a very recent research published in the Journal of Nutrition by a team from Oregon State University, USA (Becraft et al, J Nutr, Mar 2020).

The researchers started from the consideration that watermelon has a beneficial effect in regulating blood pressure, this has been shown by previous studies. Their aim was therefore to understand if watermelon could rebalance some metabolic disorders linked to a western type diet rich in fats. To do this, blood sugar levels, inflammatory markers and liver health indicators were analyzed in mice divided into two groups. To the first group was given a low-fat diet while to the second group was given a high-fat diet, similar to our Western-type diet. As for the second group, this had been further divided between those who had received also watermelon flesh and those who had not received this supplement. After ten weeks, it emerged that the mice that had followed a low-fat diet had a lower body weight than those who had followed a high-fat diet, a situation that is absolutely predictable. But what the researchers also observed was that the group that followed a high-fat diet and also received watermelon flesh showed an improvement in fasting blood glucose and in circulating insulin levels in the blood. Moreover, even the values ??related to the work of the liver had returned to normal, becoming comparable with those of the mice who had followed a low-fat diet.

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