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What causes arteries to age? What we eat!

What causes arteries to age? What we eat!

We agree, eating a steak on a summer evening in the company of friends or a plate of scrambled eggs brings a good mood, is satiating and is satisfying. But this shouldn't become the norm. In fact, as demonstrated by a recent scientific study published a few days ago in the journal Hypertension, it is precisely eating an excess of these foods for a long period of time that can worsen and anticipate the aging of the cardiovascular system.
At the base of this process there is a substance, trimethylamine-N-oxide or TMAO, circulating in the blood. As we age, this substance tends to increase and, as has been observed by researchers, causes a deterioration of blood vessels and an increase in oxidative stress. Not only that, people with higher levels of TMAO also have a higher risk, it is estimated even double, of having a heart attack or stroke. But what makes TMAO increase? As mentioned one of the causes of its increase are the years that pass, but we cannot act on this. But there is also another cause that increases this substance, which determines an aging of the cardiovascular system, namely a diet rich in animal products. In fact, when we eat steak or eggs, our gut is activated for digestion. The amino acids L carnitine and choline, abundant in animal products, are metabolized in another substance, trimethylamine. In turn, trimethylamine is converted by the liver into TMAO and directed to the blood. Hence, a diet that is too rich in meat, eggs and, in general, animal products, could, in the long run, worsen the normal aging of the body and cardiovascular system. But this is a reversible process. In fact, always the same researchers have observed that a particular substance called dimethyl butanol, present, for example, in extra virgin olive oil, in balsamic vinegar and in red wine, can reverse the aging process. Researchers believe that dimethyl butanol is able to prevent TMAO production.
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