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Breackfast, sweets and snacks

Mimosa cake
The team of Natural Remedies would like to celebrate the International Women Day with a special recipe, the mimosa cake. This cake is prepared with simple, healthy and light ingredients, is yummy and looks like the Mimosa flower, the flower that, according to Italian tradition, is given to all women in this day. Ingredients for the cream 500 grams of soy milk 50 grams of brown sugar 40 grams of semi whole grain spelt flour 1 egg yolk 400 grams soy yogurt 1 canned pineapple without added sugars ...
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Vanilla cream filled mini doughnuts
Today we’ll prepare a special sweet, a revisited version of the classic vanilla cream filled doughnuts. We’ll use spelt flour, brown sugar and plant based milk both for the dough and the cream. Moreover, these sweets are cooked in the oven. The result is a light, scented and really yummy recipe. If you like, you can also fill the doughnuts with jelly, apricot or raspberry, cherry or what you love the most. Finally, if you don’t like cooking in the oven, you can also fry the doughnuts, a little ...
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Lady’s kisses, or Italian hazelnut cookies
For Saint Valentine or for a normal snack, tell that a person is special to you with a kiss … a lady’s kiss, or bacio di dama, the Italian hazelnut cookies. Here we propose the recipe only with unrefined spelt flour, hazelnuts and a little brown sugar and to complete this delicious sweet a thin layer of the yummy hazelnut spread, that you can buy or prepare by yourself, in the Video blog section you can find the video recipe. Taste, scent, sweetness and just simple and healthy ingredients for th...
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Avocado Toast with tofu and vegetables
Starter or snack, avocado toast is yummy in every case, it is joyful, colorful and also really healthy thanks to its intake of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant against free radicals. Moreover, this recipe is also a source of vitamins, such as C and group B, of mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, and of the important fatty acids omega 3 with a protective effect on the heart. In this version we propose avocado toast with tofu and vegetables, able to counteract chol...
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