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Breakfast, sweets and snacks

Plum pie
Here for you a simple and genuine dessert, prepared with the typical ingredient of this period, the plums! The result is a soft and scented cake with a crunchy note given by almonds and a juicy and slightly sour touch of the plums. Flours and sugar are unrefined and the butter is replaced by extra virgin olive oil, milk and yogurt that, for vegan people or persons that are lactose intolerant, may be plant based, such as soy or rice. It only remains for me to wish to you all an enjoyable snack wi...
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Delicious peach pie
Here is the cake for the summer, perfect for a joyful snack but also for a breakfast rich in taste! Peach pie is a truly delicious dessert, with a fragrant dough and a juicy filling full of fruit and sweetness. The cake is prepared only with unrefined flour and brown sugar, it has no butter but extra virgin olive oil for a simply delicious result! Ingredients Ingredients for the dough 300 grams of whole grain spelt flour 1 bag of baking powder 80 grams of whole cane sugar 1/2 teaspoon of vanill...
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Cherry cake
Cherry cake is really delicious! So yummy that it will not see the next day, but it is also light, without butter and prepared with just extra virgin olive oil, unrefined sugar and flour. A scented and crunchy note is given by dry fruits, almonds and cashew nuts, characterized by a sweetness that goes perfectly with the little sour and juicy taste of cherry. Your snack is served! Ingredients 200 grams of semi whole grain spelt flour 1 kg of cherries 90 grams of brown sugar 2 eggs 3 tablespoons ...
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Ice tea with berry syrup
What an amazing summer with the ice tea and berry syrup. This joyful drink is also healthy because it is refreshing and it doesn’t contain too much sweeteners. The scented and sweet note is only given indeed by the homemade syrup of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and red currants, prepared with a little brown sugar. The base ingredient of ice tea is rooibos tea that, according to scientific studies, is antioxidant and able to boost the immune system, moreover, it protects bones, skin an...
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