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Christmas cookies with chocolate and hazelnuts
Christmas is in the air! For this reason, the recipe of the week is dedicated to these delicious Christmas cookies with chocolate, almonds and hazelnuts! And since Christmas is also taking care of the people we love the most, the cookies are prepared without butter, the used sugar is brown and the flour is whole grain. A sin of gluttony but with an eye for health! Prepare with us these yummy cookies and eat them with family and friends, maybe with a cup full of green tea! Ingredients 200 grams ...
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Christmas fruit cake, a yummy and powerful source of energy
The Christmas period is coming and together with this magic month also wet, rainy and cold days, so, there is really the need to have for breakfast or as a snack delicious and high-energy foods. Perfect for this purpose is the Christmas fruit cake, that in Italy is called zelten, a sweet bread prepared with flour, sugar, dry fruit, figs and raisins. In this variant the cake hasn’t any butter but just extra virgin olive oil, moreover, we use unrefined flour and sugar. Well, it is really a healthy...
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Pumpkin pie
It’s time for a yummy, sweet and scented pumpkin pie, that can be served for breakfast, as a delicious snack or to make parties with friends really special. Pumpkin pie has a soft and spicy filling, prepared with lactose free ingredients, to meet also the needs of lactose intolerant people, and without butter and cream to obtain a cake that is also light! As always, we used, also for the dough, unrefined flours and sugar. And instead of butter for this recipe you can use just extra virgin olive ...
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Plum pie
Here for you a simple and genuine dessert, prepared with the typical ingredient of this period, the plums! The result is a soft and scented cake with a crunchy note given by almonds and a juicy and slightly sour touch of the plums. Flours and sugar are unrefined and the butter is replaced by extra virgin olive oil, milk and yogurt that, for vegan people or persons that are lactose intolerant, may be plant based, such as soy or rice. It only remains for me to wish to you all an enjoyable snack wi...
healthy recipes
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