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Chickpea polenta, or Italian panissa, with chard
Grandma Lina often prepared panissa, or paniccia, the simple and tasty chickpea polenta typical of her land, Liguria, a region in Italy. Our grandma always served it cut into slices and fried in extra virgin olive oil, however, we prefer a variation of this healthy recipe. In fact, the recipe of today proposes the panissa cut into slices and cooked, not fried, with chard, onion and pine nuts. In this way we obtain a healthy and satiating dish, rich in proteins, fiber, mineral salts and vitamins ...
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Sea bream wrapped in cooking foil
Baked sea bream is a very tasty, appetizing, healthy and nutritious dish. The sea bream is in fact a source of proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, beneficial for the heart, and vitamins such as PP and B2, while the vegetables that accompany it are rich in antioxidants, such as the lycopene of tomatoes cooked in extra virgin olive oil, vitamins and mineral salts. And then, when a healthy dish is also tasty, you eat it even more gladly! Wrapping the fish in foil, in fact, is able to enhance the aro...
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Summer veggie balls
Here for you a yummy recipe, perfect for hot summer days! These veggie balls are easy to prepare, with a lot of vegetables and aromatic herbs, they aren’t fried but baked in the oven and can be served with a fresh and crunchy salad to get a lot of plant based proteins, vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants. Ingredients 250 grams of cooked chickpeas 1 small pepper 1 small zucchini 4 zucchini flowers 1 tomatoes 2 dry tomatoes under oil Aromatic herbs (marjoram, mint, basil) Whole grain dried b...
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Plant based hamburgers with barbecue sauce
Who says that yummy food cannot be also healthy? Here’s the proof, this tasty recipe that everybody, children and adults, will love, the plant based hamburgers with barbecue sauce. It may be the joy to eat with hands, it may be the scent of this dish or the yummy taste of barbecue sauce but this recipe is something unique. In addition, it is also prepared with just healthy ingredients. The hamburger is prepared with chickpeas, herbs and spices and the BBQ sauce with tomato, a source of lycopene,...
healthy recipes
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