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Fish, meat and legumes

Chickpeas, tomatoes and sweet potatoes, the shakshuka in Okinawa’s style
Shakshuka is a typical recipe of Tunisia and Morocco but its popularity is growing all over the world with all the vegan and plant based alternatives. The original recipe is prepared with tomato, peppers, spices and eggs, today we propose instead a variant with chickpeas and, in perfect Okinawa’s style, the Japanese island famous for the long lifespan of its inhabitants, sweet potatoes. The result is a unique dish, nutrient-rich and healthy, complete thanks to the combination of carbs and protei...
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Veggie tofu curry with basmati rice
This dish is so scented, and what a taste! Tofu curry is the veggie alternative to the classic chicken curry and is an incredible source of precious antioxidants, thanks to the turmeric contained in curry, and to the isoflavones of soy, powerful anti cancer substances contained in tofu. It is also a well balanced dish because it mixes the proteins of tofu and the carbohydrates of basmati rice. To complete this beauty also the shiitake mushrooms, that can be substituted with champignon mushrooms,...
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Sole fillets with leeks and crunchy cauliflower with pomegranate
Longevity and health are together in this yummy recipe, source of proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and mineral salts. Moreover, the action of sulforaphane of cauliflower, a powerful anti-cancer substance, is maximized thanks to the combination with the selenium contained in fish and dry fruits. Finally, the leeks are a tasty side dish, rich in fibers and antioxidants with diuretic properties that help the work of the kidneys. Ingredients 4 sole fillets 1 clove of garlic 1...
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Seitan Fajitas
When you would like to eat something new and special or for a joyful dinner with friends there are the seitan fajitas wrapped in khoran flour tortillas. A yummy and tasty dish, rich in proteins, vitamins, mineral salts and fibers and also a valid alternative to the original recipe prepared with meat. Ingredients Ingredients for Tortillas 150 g khorasan flour 100 g whole grain khorasan flour 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil A pinch of fresh brewer’s yeast Pink Himalayan salt Water Ingredi...
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