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Pasta, rice and pies

Whole grain spaghetti with radish leaf pesto
With red radish leaves it is possible to prepare an amazing pesto, with a delicate taste, scented and really rich in antioxidants, the powerful substances able to fight the free radicals. Moreover, according to several scientific studies that you can find in the section From Science, this vegetable is also anti cancer and anti-inflammatory! In order to increase the beneficial effect of this pesto we add also black cabbage, rosemary and sage that go really well with the stronger flavor of garlic ...
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Sicilian arancini (rice balls)
Arancini rice balls are a typical recipe of Sicily, an island of Italy. Today we propose this yummy dish in a spring and healthy version, with unrefined rice and flour, a lot of vegetables and a pinch of saffron, the scented and colorful spice. The recipe uses also a tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese, source of calcium and proteins. However, if you prefer, you can replace the parmesan with nutritional yeast flakes. Ingredients 300 grams of semi whole grain rice 1/2 teaspoon of saffron 100 gr...
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Stuffed round zucchini
Delicious, healthy and surprising, the stuffed round zucchini are a joyful recipe where the sweet of potatoes mixes perfectly with the stronger taste of feta cheese, source of proteins and calcium, and of dry tomatoes, rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. The final note to this dish that opens the way to spring is a pesto sauce prepared with garlic, pine nuts and black cabbage that in summer may be replaced with basil leaves! Ingredients 4 round zucchini 2 sweet potatoes 70 grams of feta c...
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Stuffed Focaccia with escarole
Fragrant, yummy and really healthy, the stuffed focaccia with escarole is an amazing recipe that everybody will love! In this version the focaccia is prepared with just unrefined flour, extra virgin olive oil, yeast and water. The filling brings precious mineral salts and, above all, antioxidant substances such as resveratrol of raisins and quercetin of capers and escarole, able to activate the sirtuins, the proteins that help live longer and healthier, according to scientific studies! Ingredie...
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