Italian Acquacotta soup
Today we’ll see a yummy and healthy version of the Tuscan recipe acquacotta soup, prepared with onion, chicory, a vegetable with powerful digestive properties and able to protect the liver, tomatoes, rich in lycopene that is made more available by the combination with onion and extra virgin olive oil, as we have seen in the last post dedicated to food combinations. Finally, the extra note is given by sweet potatoes, source of vitamin A and lycopene and characterized by a low glycemic index. Enjo...
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Onion soup
Onion soup is the perfect recipe for winter and the coldest days, it is able to heat from the inside by stimulating the thermogenesis and with also a little help to keep at bay the body weight! This soup is also very tasty and brings carbohydrates, fibers and mineral salts. The version that we propose includes also the addition of cheeses, source of calcium, taste and creaminess, vegan people may substitute the cheese with vegan cheeses and can spread on the soup a handful of flakes of nutrition...
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Pumpkin soup
In the cold evenings of winter is there something better than a hot pumpkin soup? Easy to prepare, yummy, nutritious, healthy and able to fill with color also the snowiest or rainiest grey days. In our version this soup is also antioxidant, digestive and a powerful fat burning recipe thanks to the properties of the spices curry, nutmeg and saffron! Ingredients 600 g of pumpkin pulp 1 potato 1 shallot 1 liter of vegetable broth 1 teaspoon of curry A pinch of nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon of saffron Shaved...
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Tuscan Ribollita Soup
In cold days there is nothing better than a delicious soup that warms up from the inside, and we aren’t speaking about a normal soup but about Tuscan Ribollita, a unique recipe typical of a region in Italy, Tuscany. In this dish you can have together the antioxidant and anti cancer properties of two types of cabbage, the black kale and the savoy cabbage, the proteins of cannellini beans, the fatty acids of extra virgin olive oil and the slow-release carbohydrates of whole grain bread. But this s...
healthy recipes
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