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Anti-stress matcha tea biscuits

Anti-stress matcha tea biscuits

June 02, 2023
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Delicious, colorful and fragrant, here is a real speciality, matcha tea biscuits! These biscuits are really very simple to prepare but with a guaranteed effect, thanks to the green color given by the tea powder, the sweet and round taste of the almonds and the vanilla note that envelops you. The flour used is unrefined in order to counteract the dangerous glycemic peaks and the butter is replaced by extra virgin olive oil. In short, a delicacy but with an eye to health. Finally, matcha offers an extra note, and not just in terms of color. Of course, matcha placed in a baking preparation loses part of its properties but preserves the anti-stress action. In fact, studies have shown that eating 3 biscuits containing matcha powder every day for two weeks significantly reduced stress in people leading busy lives and responsible jobs in the medical area (Unno et al, Heliyon, 2019). In particular, the activity of the salivary enzyme alpha amylase, which is considered a valid indicator of stress, was decreased. In short, the anti-stress snack is served! We recommend with a cup of Gabalong tea, which increases the GABA neurotransmitter in the brain that in turn can stimulate calm and relaxation.


125 grams of semi-wholemeal flour

125 grams of wholemeal flour

50 grams of almond flour

1 egg

80 grams of delicate extra virgin olive oil

80 grams of whole cane sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder for desserts

1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder

4 teaspoons matcha tea powder

Vegan white chocolate (optional)

In a bowl, combine the flours, matcha, vanilla and sugar. Then add the oil and egg. Knead until a homogeneous dough is formed. Incorporate the white chocolate cut into coarse pieces, if desired, it will give the biscuit more taste and softness. Place the dough in a bowl covered with transparent film and let it rest in the refrigerator for an hour. Roll out the dough and obtain the shape of the biscuits with the cookie molds. Cook at 180° C for 10 minutes.

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