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Artichoke pie

Artichoke pie

Grandma Lina loved being in the kitchen and preparing tasty dishes that reminded her of her land, Liguria, a region in north of Italy in front of a wonderful blue sea. In her hands every vegetable became something delicious. Like the artichokes, which make up the filling of this genuine, simple and tasty savory pie, prepared according to the recipe that has been handed down for generations and which is still kept today in one of grandmother's notebooks, a little damaged by time. The result is something delicious and healthy, like everything that is prepared with the ingredients that the earth offers. The cake is made with unrefined flours and extra virgin olive oil, the artichokes are rich in fiber, especially inulin, which promotes the health of the intestinal microbiota, thus strengthening our natural defenses!

Ingredients for the dough

250 grams of semi whole grain spelt flour
50 grams of whole grain spelt flour
100 ml of white wine
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
4 tablespoons of lukewarm water
Sea salt

Ingredients for the filling

3 artichokes
1 onion
400 grams of cooked peas
2 ladles of vegetable broth
2 eggs
Grated parmesan cheese

Preparation of the dough

Mix the flours in a large bowl, add the wine, oil and water. Knead, add water if necessary to get a soft dough. Incorporate a pinch of salt.

Preparation of the filling

Clean the artichokes by removing the hard outer leaves. Cut the artichokes into slices and dip them in water acidulated with lemon juice. Chop the onion and brown it in extra virgin olive oil. Add the artichokes, season with salt and pepper and cook for a few minutes. Pour in the broth and cook for half an hour. In another pan, cook the peas for a few minutes in a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. In a large bowl, pour the artichokes, peas, whole eggs and plenty of Parmesan, mix.

Preparation of the cake

Divide the dough into two parts, one larger than the other. Roll out the largest part with a rolling pin and line a circular pan with this. Pour the vegetable mixture and cover with the other pastry, seal the edges. Brush the surface with water and oil, then make small holes in the pie surface with scissors. Bake at 180° C for 40 minutes.
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