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Avocado Toast with tofu and vegetables

Avocado Toast with tofu and vegetables

February 08, 2019
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Starter or snack, avocado toast is yummy in every case, it is joyful, colorful and also really healthy thanks to its intake of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant against free radicals. Moreover, this recipe is also a source of vitamins, such as C and group B, of mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, and of the important fatty acids omega 3 with a protective effect on the heart. In this version we propose avocado toast with tofu and vegetables, able to counteract cholesterol and to improve digestion.

Ingredients for Avocado Toast

1 avocado

1 shallot

A pinch of cardamom

A pinch of cumin

4 sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil

Some drops of lemon juice

Extra virgin olive oil

2 toasted slices of whole grain bread

4 slices of tofu cut with a thickness of about 1 cm

Sea salt

Ingredients for the vegetables

1 stick of celery

250 grams of puntarelle or Swiss chard

400 grams of Jerusalem artichokes

1/4 savoy cabbage

2 ladles of broth

1 cm of fresh ginger root

Chili pepper

Extra virgin olive oil


Cut into thin slices the celery. Peel the Jerusalem artichokes and soak them in water with a little lemon juice for some minutes. Drain the Jerusalem artichokes and cut them into slices. Cut the savoy cabbage into strips. Heat a frying pan with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and two tablespoons of water. Add the celery and the Jerusalem artichokes, cook for a couple of minutes and then add the broth. Let it cook for 10 minutes on a low heat. Add also the puntarelle, or Swiss chards, and the savoy cabbage, cook for some minutes, stir often.


In a frying pan pour a little extra virgin olive oil, heat for a minute then add the slices of tofu, cook for 2-3 minutes, then flip the slices and cook them on the other side.

Avocado cream and preparation of the toast

Blend in a blender the shallot and the avocado pulp, add the cardamom, the cumin, a pinch of sea salt, some drops of lemon juice and a little extra virgin olive oil. Prepare now the toast. Spread the slices of bread with the avocado cream, place on the cream the sun-dried tomatoes and the slices of tofu. As a side dish serve the vegetables with some chili pepper and fresh grated ginger.

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