Coconut and chocolate bites

Coconut and chocolate bites

Delicious, this is exactly the only thing you can think when you eat these beauties prepared with coconut and chocolate. A bite, then another and… I can ensure you that none of these little sweets will remain. Coconut and chocolate bites are so yummy and also healthy, rich in fibers, proteins and antioxidants, for a powerful snack that will give the energy to both body and mind!


300 grams of grated coconut
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla powder
5 tablespoons of maple syrup
200 grams of dark chocolate
Pour the grated coconut, the vanilla and the maple syrup in a blender and blend. Go on blending for 5 minutes, every now and then stop in order to remove the dough from the walls of the blender and to let the blender to rest a bit. After this time, you should have a sticky dough. With dry and cold hands, you can pass them under running water, form cylinders by pressing the coconut. Melt in a double boiler the chocolate and soak the sweets by immerging them half. Place the bites on a plate. Put them on the part that you don’t have immersed in chocolate. Keep in the fridge for about twenty minutes. Remove the sweets from the fridge and soak them in the chocolate in the other half. Place the sweets on a plate with the part that have already been solidified in contact with the plate. Put in the fridge for about twenty minutes. The coconut and chocolate bites are ready!
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