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Creamy pasta with roquefort cheese and saffron sauce

Creamy pasta with roquefort cheese and saffron sauce

The scent of this pasta is yummy and fascinating and its flavor will be loved by everybody! The soft cream of Roquefort gives a spicy note, the saffron an exotic and cheerful touch and the nuts an irresistible crunchiness! And then the pasta with roquefort and saffron sauce is also healthy. In fact, saffron is a powerful antioxidant, it protects the eyes and the brain as well as improving mood (Khazdair et al, Avicenna J Phytomed, 2015). Roquefort is generally well tolerated even by lactose intolerant people and it is a cheese that, due to the process that it is subjected to, is anti-inflammatory. Moreover, like other cheeses containing mold, Roquefort is cardioprotective since it helps to keep cholesterol under control (Petyaev et al, Med Hypotheses, 2012).


320 grams of durum wheat penne or fusilli pasta
200 grams of roquefort cheese
200 ml soy milk
1 sachet of saffron
10 walnuts
Black pepper
Sea salt
In a saucepan, pour the milk and the roquefort cheese cut into small pieces. Melt the cheese over low heat, stirring often. Meanwhile, boil the pasta. When the pasta is almost ready according to the instructions on the package, add to the cheese sauce a sachet of saffron dissolved in a ladle of pasta cooking water. Drain the pasta al dente and season it with the Roquefort sauce. Season with ground black pepper and coarsely chopped walnuts and serve.
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