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Delicious white chocolate and almond truffles… waiting for midnight

Delicious white chocolate and almond truffles… waiting for midnight

Waiting for midnight is a moment of true delight with this yummy, but with an eye on health, recipe, here are for you the white chocolate and almond truffles! Rich source of proteins, energy and unsaturated fatty acids for the health of the heart, these truffles are so scented and yummy that they will be a success, guaranteed! And the strength of these pralines is that they can be prepared in a complete vegan version, for those who are lactose intolerant or simply for those who have made this lifestyle decision. In the recipe there aren’t any butter or cream because good things can be also healthy. And with this recipe we wish you a Happy New Year, that the 2020 may be a year full of joy, health and serenity, for you all!


200 grams of white chocolate (normal or vegan, for example prepared with rice milk)
10 dry cookies (better if without butter and palm oil)
3 tablespoons of peeled almonds
2 tablespoon of soy milk
Coconut rapè
In a double boiler melt the chocolate with the milk, once melted remove it from heat. Blend in a blender the cookies with two tablespoons of almonds until you get a flour. Pour this flour in the pot with the chocolate and stir in order to mix the ingredients, let it cool down a bit. Put for a few seconds the hands under cold running water, then dry them. Take a little dough, place in the middle an almond and cover with a little dough. Roll the ingredients between your palms and form a ball. Roll now the ball in the coconut and place the sweet on a plate. Go on in this way until you finish the ingredients. Serve these beauties… waiting for midnight has never been so sweet and joyful! Happy New Year!
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