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Energy balls

Energy balls

June 09, 2017
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If you are on a trip or at university, at school or in the office the energy balls are a healthful snack able to give you all the energy you need. Almonds, walnuts, dried apricots, raisins and cereal with a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla, a delicious taste always with you. And the energy balls are also very easy and fast to prepare!

Ingredients for about 15 energy balls, the indicated cups are intended to be coffee cups

2 cups of dried apricots

1/2 cup of raisins

1/4 cup of almonds

1/4 cup of shelled walnuts

1/2 cup of oat flakes

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

A pinch of vanilla powder

Pour in the blender all the ingredients and blend at the maximum speed until smooth, make some stops in order to avoid overheating the ingredients. Once the ingredients form a more solid dough, you can turn off the blender and put the dough in a bowl. Make small balls by rotating pieces of the dough between the palms of your hands. Put in the fridge for about ten minutes. Your energy balls are ready! Keep in a cool place.

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