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Farro and artichokes

Farro and artichokes

This is a dish that anticipates the spring, colorful, joyful and tasty but also very healthy thanks to the high intake of mineral salts, antioxidants and fibers. We have chosen to use dehusked farro that, although requires a longer preparation time than pearled farro, maintains all the nutrients of the whole cereal grain and for this reason it is the best.


300 g of dehusked farro
3 artichokes
1 shallot
3 tablespoon of black pitted olives
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt
Black pepper
Soak the farro for a whole night. The next day, rinse the artichokes, remove the more external and tough leaves and cut the artichokes into half and then into slices, squeeze a little lemon juice on these vegetables in order to prevent them from browning. Cut into thin slices the shallot and sauté it in a frying pan with a little extra virgin olive oil and two tablespoons of water. Add then the artichokes and cook for fifteen minutes. Drain the farro and rinse it under flowing water, cook the cereal in a pot with 600 ml of salty water for about 50-60 minutes. In a large bowl mix the farro, the shallot, the artichokes and the black olives. Season with extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of fine ground sea salt, black pepper and serve.
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