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Gelo di anguria, the Italian watermelon pudding that tastes of summer, sun and sea

Gelo di anguria, the Italian watermelon pudding that tastes of summer, sun and sea

With this dessert we still have a little bit of summer to bring with taste, colors and joy to our tables! Gelo di anguria, or watermelon pudding, is a very flavored cooked cream. You can make it with slightly sweet watermelons or with leftover slices. Then a little wholemeal sugar, corn starch and chocolate chips will do the rest to create an amazing dessert, a real joy for the palate that also has an eye for the body weight, using only fruit and unrefined products. The extra note? Jasmine flowers infused in the cream that will give a celestial aroma, recalling the pleasantly scented summer nights with the aroma of these little flowers! In short, summer is still on our table with a dessert that already makes your mouth water just talking about it.


1 liter of watermelon juice
60 grams of corn starch
80 grams of whole cane sugar
80 grams of dark chocolate
Jasmine flowers
Using a knife, cut the dark chocolate into small pieces, no bigger than the watermelon seeds. Pour the pieces of chocolate into a glass and place in the refrigerator.
Open the watermelon and obtain the juice with a centrifuge. In a saucepan, pour the watermelon juice. Separately, mix together the starch and sugar and add them a little at a time in the saucepan with the juice, continuing to mix to avoid lumps. Put the pot on the stove and heat over low heat for five minutes, continuing to stir. Turn up the heat and keep stirring. When the cream has become red and thick, remove from the heat. In a baking dish, pour a thin layer of watermelon cream, about one centimeter. Distribute 8-9 pieces of chocolate, gently without pressing. Pour more cream, always a little and slowly to prevent the chocolate from melting. Continue like this, complete with a final layer of cream only. When the cream has become firmer, dip the stems of the jasmine flowers into it. You can create the shapes that you like most by just being careful not to press the flowers too deeply, so that only the stem and not the petals are in contact with the cream. In this way, the lukewarm cream can absorb the aroma of the jasmine while the flower remains, still beautiful, on the cake. When the cream has cooled, place the dessert in the fridge for at least two hours before serving.
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