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Gobeletti, classic Ligurian pastries

Gobeletti, classic Ligurian pastries

December 16, 2022
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At first glance they look like muffins but the surprise comes when you take a bite of them! In fact, gobeletti hide a tasty treasure, a delicious jam filling. Here gobeletti can become a delicious snack or pastries to offer with tea to relatives and friends, when you get together in the warmth of the house. Gobeletti are typical desserts of the Ligurian tradition, Grandma Lina's favorites. Grandma Lina didn't eat cakes or pastries but she had a real passion for gobeletti. That's why we thought we'd share this fragment of life and bring the fragrance and softness of gobeletti to the tables of all of you, who follow us. We propose the gobeletti in a version without butter, even healthier so that these sweets are just for everyone! Have a good snack time with gobeletti!


280 grams of semi-wholegrain spelt flour

40 grams of very finely chopped almonds

80 grams of whole cane sugar

90 ml of delicate extra virgin olive oil

8 grams of baking powder

2 eggs

1 organic lemon

Jam you like best

In a bowl break the eggs and add the sugar. Pour the oil and grate the peel of half a lemon, mix the ingredients. Separately, mix the spelt flour, the almond flour and the baking powder. Then gradually add the flour and baking powder to the egg mixture. Work the dough well, if necessary and the dough is sticky add a little flour. The shortcrust pastry is ready. Roll out the shortcrust pastry with the help of a rolling pin until it reaches a thickness of about half a centimeter. Make discs with which you'll line the lightly floured muffin molds. Press gently with your fingers so that the dough adheres to the walls of the moulds. Prick the pastry with a fork. Fill the cavities with the jam of your choice, the raspberry jam is excellent but you can use the one you like best. Cover each sweet with a disc of shortcrust pastry, making sure that the two sheets adhere well. Cook at 180° C for 20 minutes.

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