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Healthy delicious flavored water

Healthy delicious flavored water

Summer is hot so drinking water should be important in order to integrate all the liquids, but it is not so easy to drink as much water as it is needed by the body. A delicious alternative is represented by naturally flavored water, prepared at home with fresh fruit or herbs that give to the water their juices with a refreshing and sweet effect without added sugars but with vitamins and mineral salts. Here we propose two irresistible recipes!

Ingredients for peach flavored water

1 liter of water
1 peach
1/2 organic lemon
5 leaves of peppermint

Ingredients for the watermelon and melon flavored water

1 liter of water
1 slice of watermelon
1 slice of melon
2 cm of fresh ginger root

Peach flavored water

Pour the water in a pitcher. Peel the peach and cut it into slices. Rinse the lemon, peel it if it is not organic. Cut the lemon into cubes and chop coarsely with the hands the peppermint. Drop the fruit and the peppermint into the pitcher. Put in the fridge for some hours, then filter and drink this delicious water. You will love the sweet taste of the peach together with the freshness of peppermint and the refreshing action of lemon. You can save the fruit and eat it after!

Watermelon and melon flavored water

Pour the water in a pitcher. Cut the pulp of watermelon and melon into cubes without the peel. Peel the ginger and cut it into slices. Drop the fruit into the pitcher and put all in the fridge for some hours. Then filter and enjoy your drink! Also the cubes of watermelon and melon are exquisite to eat!
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