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Lentil and curry soup

October 27, 2023
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Lentil and curry soup
  1. Ingredients

Exotic scents and flavors of distant lands come to warm these autumn evenings. Here is the lentil and curry soup, a typical dish of Indian cuisine, hot, creamy and rich in flavour. And then the soup is also a very tasty way to enjoy red lentils! These lentils have the particularity that they do not require soaking and are cooked very quickly, contain antioxidant substances in high quantities, support the health of the gut microbiota and stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory substances (Graf et al, Nutrients, 2019). To complete this dish, the spices curry and ginger, which give flavour, protect digestion, the heart and the brain and are anti-aging (Nakayama et al, Nutr J, 2014). Finally, the soup is really very simple and quick to prepare, don't you believe it? Here's the recipe... enjoy your meal!


300 grams of red lentils

1 red onion

1 teaspoon curry

Fresh ginger, about 1 centimeter

400 ml coconut milk

100 grams of tomato pulp

1 l of vegetable broth

Extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt

Slice the onion and brown it in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Add the tomato pulp, mix. Pour in the vegetable broth and lentils. Cook for about 15 minutes. Halfway through cooking, pour in the coconut milk. At the end of cooking, add salt, the curry and grated ginger, mix and serve, perhaps with a small bowl of basmati rice!

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