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Piadine filled with guacamole

September 30, 2016
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Piadine filled with guacamole

Guacamole is a Mexican avocado-based dip first created and used by the Aztecs. The avocado is the main ingredient of this sauce, together with chili pepper, garlic and spices for a tasty and healthy result. Guacamole can be used to fill piadina, the Italian flat bread, that you can prepare at home with olive oil.

Guacamole for three persons

1 Avocado

3 small tomatoes


olive oil



chili pepper

salt, you can use the Himalayan salt


250 gr kamut or spelt flour

2 tablespoons of olive oil

A pinch of fresh yeast



Start with the homemade piadina

dissolve yeast in warm water and then add it to the flour. Add also olive oil and begin to knead, add water in order to obtain a soft dough. Incorporate the salt and continue to knead.

Then, form small balls and by using a rolling pin roll out each piadina as thin as possible. Riddle the surface of the piadina with a fork and cook each piadina on both sides in a hot pan.

Then, blend in a blender the avocado. Add 2 small tomatoes, a little oil, half a teaspoon of cumin seeds, a pinch of coriander, half a clove of garlic, the chili pepper and a pinch of salt. Continue to blend until smooth. Pour the sauce in a small pot, add some pieces of fresh tomatoes and some cumin seeds. Fill the piadina bread with the guacamole.

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