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Quiche with vegetables

Quiche with vegetables

A lot of vegetables and aromatic herbs for this salt cake, really tasty and summer scented! For the preparation we have chosen to use phyllo pastry and not puff pastry because phyllo, that you can buy ready-to-serve, doesn’t contain butter but extra virgin olive oil, therefore resulting more light. And then tomatoes, zucchini flowers, zucchini, leeks and dry fruit for a special recipe that everybody will love!


4 sheets of phyllo pastry
500 grams of tomatoes
2 zucchini
5 zucchini flowers
1 leek
30 grams of pine nuts and cashew nuts coarsely ground
2 eggs
300 grams of soy milk
Extra virgin olive oil
Aromatic herbs (basil, mint, marjoram)
Sea salt
Cut the tomatoes into thick slices. Cut the zucchini into cubes. Slice the leek and sauté it in a frying pan with a little extra virgin olive oil and a tablespoon of water. Add the zucchini and cook for some minutes, add a pinch of salt. Cover a rectangular baking pan with baking paper. Place the sheets of phyllo pastry in order to cover the bottom but also the walls of the pan. Place the tomato slices on the phyllo sheets, add a little salt, pour the mixture of zucchini, the dry fruit and the zucchini flower without the pistils. In another bowl whisk slightly the eggs, add the milk and the aromatic herbs and stir. Pour it on the vegetables. Bake in the oven at 180° for 35 minutes.
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