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Spaghetti with anchovies and crispy bread

Spaghetti with anchovies and crispy bread

Spaghetti with oil, garlic and chilli are a recipe loved by everyone. Here we offer them in a richer version, made even tastier thanks to anchovies, olives and that crunchy note given by toasted breadcrumbs. In short, a real delight, and also very healthy, thanks to the anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties of its ingredients. And finally, the final touch is given by the decoration with rosemary needles, anti-aging and protective for the heart and brain.


320 grams of durum wheat spaghetti
1 clove of garlic
Fresh chilli
Pitted black olives
4-5 anchovies in oil
5-6 tablespoons of wholegrain breadcrumbs
Rosemary needles
Extra virgin olive oil
Peel the garlic and cut it into pieces. Slice the chili. Chop the anchovies and olives. In a separate pan pour a little oil and lightly toast the breadcrumbs, keep it aside. In a large pan pour the oil and lightly fry the garlic and chilli. Remove from the heat and add the anchovies, melt them while stirring. Put back on the heat and add the olives, cook for a few minutes. Meanwhile, boil the pasta and drain it al dente. Put the pan with the sauce back on the heat, pour in the pasta and the previously toasted breadcrumbs, sauté for a few minutes. Serve decorated with rosemary needles.
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