Tiramisu cake with white chocolate and lemon

A delicious dessert is good for mood, brings joy and energy. Today we offer a light version of tiramisu, with ricotta cheese, white chocolate and lemon, characterized by a fresh and delicious taste, so that in this way every day can become a party! And then the strength of this recipe is that it lends itself to different modifications according to the needs of everyone. The version we propose is for those who love dessert, can eat dairy products but are watching their weight. For vegan or lactose intolerant people you can modify this recipe using soy yogurt, spreadable soy cheese or even tofu and white chocolate prepared with plant based milks such as rice milk.


200 grams of ladyfingers biscuits
500 grams of ricotta cheese
125 grams of yogurt
3 tablespoons of brown cane sugar
3 organic lemons
100 grams of white chocolate
Mix the ricotta, yogurt and two tablespoons of brown sugar. Wash a lemon well and grate its peel adding it to the cream. Grate the white chocolate and keep it aside.
Squeeze the juice of the three lemons and pour it into a soup plate, add a small glass of water and a tablespoon of sugar, stir with a spoon.
Soak quickly a portion of the ladyfingers into the lemon juice and place the biscuits lined up on the bottom of a baking dish so that there are no overlaps and no empty spaces.
Now spread a layer of cream taking care to cover the underlying layer of biscuits well. Spread a layer of grated white chocolate on top. Make another layer of biscuits passed in lemon juice, then again cream and white chocolate. Continue in this way until the ingredients are used up. Finish with a layer of white chocolate. Put the cake in the fridge for a few hours before serving. Enjoy this delicious beauty!
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