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Whole grain spaghetti with radish leaf pesto

Whole grain spaghetti with radish leaf pesto

April 05, 2019
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With red radish leaves it is possible to prepare an amazing pesto, with a delicate taste, scented and really rich in antioxidants, the powerful substances able to fight the free radicals. Moreover, according to several scientific studies that you can find in the section From Science, this vegetable is also anti cancer and anti-inflammatory! In order to increase the beneficial effect of this pesto we add also black cabbage, rosemary and sage that go really well with the stronger flavor of garlic and the crunchy note of almonds. Enjoy your meal!


320 grams of whole grain durum wheat spaghetti

1 bunch of red radish leaves

2-3 leaves of black cabbage

2 sprigs of rosemary

2-3 leaves of sage

1/2 clove of garlic

2 tablespoons of almonds

5 cherry tomatoes

Extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt, coarse

Rinse the leaves of red radish, the black cabbage, the rosemary and the sage and dry them. Blend in a blender these ingredients together with some grains of sea salt, the almonds and the garlic. Pour the pesto in a bowl and add extra virgin olive oil until you reach the desired consistency. Cook the pasta and drain it al dente, place the spaghetti in the plates and season with the pesto. Finally, add the tomatoes cut into cubes and serve!

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