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Relax and meditation: calm your mind

Take a break, listen to the nature sounds, relax and calm your mind
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The Relax Area section of the app Natural Remedies contains a lot of nature sounds and relaxing music, to listen to when you want to calm your mind and relax yourself.
Do you want to relax, calm your mind, practice a yoga exercise or just have a moment for your wellbeing? The relax area section is for you. In this section you can mix nature sounds, such as the sound of the wind, of the birds, of the sea, of the rain or of the fire to have a magic custom moment during your meditation time.In the relaxing music section you can listen to relaxing music selected just for you, to eliminate anxiety and relax yourself. From the piano, to the violin, flute, classic music, these some examples that you can listen to, in order be counteract stress and relieve anxietyWhatch amazing landscapes HD pictures while you are listen to the nature sounds, for an amazing relaxing moment. In case of insomnia, anxiety, stress or if you have too many thoughts and you want to free your mind, you just have to open the Natural Remedies app and click on the Relaxing Area section. Select the relaxing music or mix the nature sounds and start to relax, whenever you want.

Example of nature sounds


to dream


to sleep well


to boost energy


to calm the mind

Esempi di musiche rilassanti





Download now the app Natural Remedies, the app for your wellbeing
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