Natural Home Remedies: properties and uses

Properties and uses of the most important natural home remedies, essential oils, herbal teas and herbal home remedies for the health and wellbeing of the body. How nature can improve our lifestyle.

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Tahini, or tahina, is a cream obtained by grinding sesame seeds. This food is very popular and yummy, can be spread on freshly toasted bread or can be...
Work from home, be careful what you eat for a better concentration
Due to the coronavirus emergency, many of us are now working from home with the so-called smartworking. However, this is not always easy, it is necess...
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Coronavirus, with wind the safe distance of six feet is not enough
Models, simulations and experiments have been put in place in recent weeks to understand how the novel coronavirus is transmitted. Today we know that ...
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 24, the flowers of Aphrodite
The myth tells that Aphrodite was born from the sea foam. The goddess of love and beauty emerged on a shell of mother of pearl in the waves and was ca...
Irish seaweed moss
The crondo crispo, also known as Irish moss, is a red alga that grows in the Atlantic waters, it is found along the coasts of Ireland, Portugal but al...
How exercise can help to prevent Alzheimer's disease
The coronavirus emergency has momentarily overshadowed other very important diseases. However, we believe that even now it is essential to talk about ...
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Coronavirus, the role of air flows and masks in infection
To what extent do masks protect against novel coronavirus infection? And then, is the virus transmitted with air flows? These questions have been answ...
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Natural remedies against water retention
A long period of inactivity, a situation that has forced us home for weeks and maybe a diet low in fruit and vegetables and rich, instead, in processe...
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