Essential oils: properties, uses and aromatherapy

Properties and uses of the main essential oils in aromatherapy and to reduce anxiety, to help in case of insomnia, acne, wrinkles, but also to soothe a cough and a cold.
Essential oils, the best allies for a soft, healthy and rejuvenated skin
Essential oils can become valid allies for our beauty. They can be used, indeed, in case of acne-prone skin, sensitive skin but also mature skin, wrin...
essential oils
Essential oils with an antiviral and antibacterial action
Essential oils capture the essence and properties of the plant from which they are obtained. Each essential oil acts differently but there are some es...
essential oils
Mountain pine essential oil
Mountain pine, scientific name pinus mugo var pumilio belonging to the family of Pinaceae, is a shrub that may grow up to 3 meters. The habitat of mou...
essential oils
Petitgrain essential oil
What an amazing and generous plant is the bitter orange! Indeed, from bitter orange, scientific name citrus aurantium, three different types of essent...
essential oils
Inula essential oil
Inula, scientific name inula graveolens, is a plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. Through steam distillation of its flower buds a precious essen...
essential oils
Champaca essential oil
Magnolia champaca, or Michelia champaca, is a type of magnolia characterized by highly scented flowers. And is from the champaca’s flowers that essent...
essential oils
Essential oil blend of the four thieves
On the wall of the museum in Marseille a recipe of a very special remedy is hanging, the vinegar of the four thieves. It is obtained by macerating sev...
essential oils
Siberian fir essential oil
Through steam distillation of the branches of the Siberian fir, scientific name Abies sibirica of the Pinaceae family, a very special essential oil is...
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Essential oils to boost immune system

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