Essential oils: properties, uses and aromatherapy

Properties and uses of the main essential oils in aromatherapy and to reduce anxiety, to help in case of insomnia, acne, wrinkles, but also to soothe a cough and a cold.
Winter savory essential oil
Winter savory, scientific name satureja montana, is a plant of the Lamiaceae family. From the steam distillation of the herb an essential oil with int...
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Essential oil of white thyme, the breath of Zeus
Thyme, scientific name Thymus vulgaris, is a plant known and appreciated for centuries for its properties. For the ancient Greeks the scent of thyme w...
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Essential oil of mint and eucalyptus, the essential oils against the heat
What to do against the sweltering heat, which leaves us nervous and often keeps us up at night? Maybe with hot feet after a day spent at the beach or ...
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Lavender essential oil, the essence that you should always have with you
The scent of lavender smells good, clean, of lines well folded and carefully stored in the closets, of blue fields that are lost on the horizon. And i...
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Blends of essential oils to strengthen the immune system and fight cellular degenerations, viruses and bacteria
Strengthening the immune system means increasing the action of some of its functions that can protect us more effectively from external attacks by pat...
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Essential oils, the best allies for a soft, healthy and rejuvenated skin
Essential oils can become valid allies for our beauty. They can be used, indeed, in case of acne-prone skin, sensitive skin but also mature skin, wrin...
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Essential oils with an antiviral and antibacterial action
Essential oils capture the essence and properties of the plant from which they are obtained. Each essential oil acts differently but there are some es...
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Mountain pine essential oil
Mountain pine, scientific name pinus mugo var pumilio belonging to the family of Pinaceae, is a shrub that may grow up to 3 meters. The habitat of mou...
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