Essential oils: properties, uses and aromatherapy

Properties and uses of the main essential oils in aromatherapy and to reduce anxiety, to help in case of insomnia, acne, wrinkles, but also to soothe a cough and a cold.
Blue Chamomile essential oil
Chamomile, also known as German chamomile, scientific name Matricaria chamomilla, belongs to the Asteraceae family that includes also arnica and marig...
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Essential oils against post-holiday stress
Holidays are coming to an end and we have to return to our daily life, in the office or at school, with all the thoughts, tasks and stress. It may oft...
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The best essential oils for the dental care
For a deep dental care we often use very strong products that have, however, side effects such as stomach and gut problems, spots on teeth and dental ...
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Lemongrass essential oil
Lemongrass, scientific name cymbopogon citratus, is a plant belonging to the Graminacee family. From steam distillation of its chopped leaves an essen...
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Essential oil blends against mosquitos
Hot and humidity promote the proliferation of mosquitos that may become really a problem. Itching, swelling and skin irritations are some symptoms of ...
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Cocoa essential oil
Cocoa essential oil is obtained through the processing of the seeds of cocoa plant, scientific name Theobroma cacao. This essential oil is characteriz...
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Essential oil blends to improve allergy symptoms
Spring is flowers all around us, is colors and sweet scent in the air. However, together with flowers and life, also allergies can blossom and can kee...
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Styrax essential oil
Styrax, scientific name Liquidambar orientalis, also known as Sweet Gum, is a tree native to Turkey with important uses in cosmetic and as a herbal re...
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