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Coronavirus, home hygiene
The coronavirus emergency has made it necessary for the governments to order important measures, such as the closure of several commercial activities ...
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Coronavirus, how and when to use masks?
To counteract the coronavirus epidemic, precise guidelines have been developed by the WHO and the governments. Much has been debated about the usefuln...
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Coronavirus, new drugs are coming
The emergency caused by novel coronavirus has made necessary to put all efforts in the search for a vaccine and a cure against this virus. The vaccine...
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Coronavirus, how to shop at the grocery stores
To counteract the coronavirus, the governments are implementing stringent measures to avoid any possibility of transmission. The current restrictions ...
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Coronavirus, the effects of ibuprofen and vitamin C
Against coronavirus everyone can do a lot, staying at home as much as possible and going out only for necessity, avoiding gathering of people, keeping...
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Coronavirus, how long does it survive on the surfaces
The pandemic of novel coronavirus has made necessary to focus all the efforts and resources in scientific research, to find a vaccine and a cure, but ...
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Shiitake and meditation, two precious tools to boost the immune system
Novel coronavirus is a highly infectious virus against which the entire world is struggling. What we can do to counteract the coronavirus, we repeat i...
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Coronavirus and pets
A lot of families have a pet, we of Natural Remedies have a little dog, too. For this reason, it is normal to want to understand the best behavior wit...
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