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The lifestyle against Alzheimer's disease
We are the result of what we eat, but also of how we live. Lifestyle influences our health and also that of the brain. In fact, as emerged from a rece...
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Cranberry, the berry against cystitis
Urinary tract infections are the most common infections in humans and affect around 150 million people annually worldwide. The introduction of cranber...
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Extra virgin olive oil and its benefits on the cardiovascular system
Extra virgin olive oil is one of the pillars of the Mediterranean Diet. In fact, this type of oil is not only a seasoning but a food rich in healthy b...
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Watermelon fights the effects of a high-fat diet
Summer is beginning and in these hot days we like to eat light and fresh food, such as watermelon. But watermelon is not just a refreshing snack, but ...
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Vitamin K to live longer
A new piece has been added to the puzzle that connects diet, health and longevity. In fact, a few days ago a research has been published in the presti...
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The smoothie that increases attention
A yummy and delicious smoothie also able to improve cognitive performance? We are not talking about a miraculous magic potion but certainly a drink of...
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Hazelnuts fight inflammation and don't make you fat
A healthy snack? A cup of green tea and a small cup of dried fruit, walnuts, cashews and, in particular, hazelnuts! But hazelnuts can also be added to...
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Licorice, sweet delight but beware of excess!
In amusement parks you can always find licorice sticks among colorful and yummy candies and marshmallows. But licorice is also used to prepare candies...
from science
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