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Olive leaves, a powerful weapon against inflammation and obesity
Obesity levels are estimated to have tripled since 1975 and that in 2016 13% of the world's population was considered obese. We eat too much and badly...
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Pistachios counteract inflammations, high blood pressure and overweight
Pistachios help lower blood pressure, counteract chronic inflammation levels and help keep cholesterol under control with benefits for the health of t...
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The different types of tea and their benefits against the new coronavirus
Against the new coronavirus, the weapons at our disposal are prevent infection, thus using hygiene measures and social distancing, and put the body in...
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Nuts and dried fruit, but not peanut butter, protect brain, kidney, lung and heart health
Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashew and peanuts, dried fruit is a tasty snack, capable of recharging energy and also providing important minerals, vit...
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A good sleep protects heart health
A good sleep regenerates us, allows the brain to organize memories and what we learned during the day in order to improve memory, regulates metabolism...
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The Mediterranean diet helps reduce stress levels
Against stress? A help comes from diet, although it may seem strange. But not just any diet, we are speaking about the Mediterranean Diet, rich in fru...
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Reading aloud and solving simple arithmetic calculations protect memory and attention from the age-related cognitive decline
Let's think of an action that we perform every day, such as cooking. To do this, we implement a series of functions, such as executive functions when ...
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Pranayama that strengthens the body's defenses against viruses
Yoga helps to relax the body and mind, to give well-being and to stimulate the body's purification processes. All of this certainly contributes to str...
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