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Vitamin C helps retain muscle mass
Over the years we tend to lose muscle mass. And this is a problem as it can lead to sarcopenia, namely the loss of muscle mass, strength and function,...
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Quercetin from onions and capers inhibits the replication of the novel coronavirus
We talked about it back in March when a Canadian team observed that quercetin, a substance with antiviral properties, could be used as a drug against ...
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A variant of the Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's
Brain health is linked to that of the gut, it is the famous gut-brain axis of which scientists are studying the mechanisms of action. From today a new...
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Lemon balm, the useful plant in case of irritable bowel syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome is a very common inflammation that affects 11.2% of the world population. It can cause abdominal pain, swollen belly and prob...
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The diet that strengthens the immune system against respiratory tract infections
A healthy organism is the first weapon to prevent diseases and their possible complications, even in the case of the novel coronavirus. In general, it...
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Carbohydrates, they are not all the same for our health
No carbohydrates in the evening, no pizza for dinner ... these are just some of the recommendations that can sometimes be read in some newspapers. In ...
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Yoga for anxiety and for heart health
Yoga is not a fashion, it is a discipline that, with a sequence of asanas, or yoga poses, benefits both the body and the mind. The muscles stretch, th...
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Soy fights inflammation
Inflammation is the way in which our body reacts to external aggressions. This protective mechanism is good and beneficial, but once the cause has bee...
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