Healthy in the kitchen, grilling, tips and warnings
A barbecue in the garden or on the terrace and it is immediately summer and lightheartedness. However, care should be taken when grilling foods, espec...
Healthy in the kitchen, ceramics and the risk of lead release
Health in the plate ... but this does not just reduce to which foods we decide to serve and how we cook them. Even the materials with which the foods ...
Incense to burn, is it bad?
The term incense indicates the oleoresins produced by the plants of the genus Boswellia. These oleoresins, once collected and crystallized, can be mar...
Regenerate your brain Part 4, lifestyle and meditation
The brain should be nourished and kept in training to ensure a plastic and adaptable mind, able to regenerate itself throughout our life. Diet, modera...
Brain regeneration Part 2, the diet that protects the mind
For a long time, it was believed that the brain could not regenerate itself and that it was static. When a connection between neurons died it could no...
Brain regeneration Part 1, the role of physical activity
For a long time, the belief was that the brain could not regenerate and that the neurons, once lost, were unrecoverable during the natural and normal ...
Beauty and nature, lavender baths from ancient times
There was a time when the ancient Greeks turned to the Oracle of Delphi to have indications of where to go in order to look for well-being and luck aw...
Sudoku, beneficial training for the brain
Sudoku is a logic game that is widespread and appreciated all over the world. Sudoku looks like a grid divided into 9 squares, which, in their turn, c...
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