Coronavirus, why it is important not to touch your face and how to stop it
Touching your face is a gesture that we all make several times a day, often unconsciously. A study was performed on the topic, the scientists observed...
Natural remedies to reduce anxiety
What to do in case of anxiety? Especially now, in this difficult period, it can happen that you have worries, you may experience difficulty sleeping a...
Immune system, how is it influenced by dietary choices
A strong and healthy immune system protects us from external attacks by viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. That's why it's important to take care...
The power of imagination regenerates the brain and boosts the immune system
Do you remember when as a child you could play for hours, completely absorbed in building castles, forts, dollhouses? And while brick after brick the ...
Banana, the anti pollution houseplant
We live in polluted environments, in fact, often the inside of houses contains more toxic and irritating substances than the outside. This is due to t...
Natural cleaning tips Part 5, how to disinfect surfaces
The new coronavirus emergency has made it essential to raise the level of hygiene measures that we must put into practice in everyday life. Among thes...
Tibetan singing bowls
Tibetan singing bowls are a very ancient musical instrument. They look like bronze bowls, although the alloy, with which they are made, can include up...
Healthy in the kitchen, the microwave oven
The microwave oven, commonly known as microwave, is probably one of the most popular appliance in a kitchen all over the world. However, much has been...
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