Natural Home Remedies: properties and uses

Properties and uses of the most important natural home remedies, essential oils, herbal teas and herbal home remedies for the health and wellbeing of the body. How nature can improve our lifestyle.

The topics of Natural Home Remedies

Cottonseed oil, for a young skin and soft hair
But don’t you use cotton to make clothes? Of course, but through the cold pressing of its seeds another product with interesting cosmetic properties i...
Raisins, sweet and healthy
Sometimes it doesn't take much to improve our health. A small gesture, such as adding some raisins to the breakfast yogurt or eating a handful of rais...
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Winter savory essential oil
Winter savory, scientific name satureja montana, is a plant of the Lamiaceae family. From the steam distillation of the herb an essential oil with int...
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Rosemary tea helps lower blood sugar
Rosemary has a hypoglycemic action. This means that it acts by reducing blood sugars, thus proving to be an aid in case of high blood sugar and type 2...
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Wildflower honey
Wildflower honey, also known as polyfloral honey, is a type of honey produced, the name also suggests it, from the nectar of different flowers. It can...
Vitamin C helps retain muscle mass
Over the years we tend to lose muscle mass. And this is a problem as it can lead to sarcopenia, namely the loss of muscle mass, strength and function,...
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Quercetin from onions and capers inhibits the replication of the novel coronavirus
We talked about it back in March when a Canadian team observed that quercetin, a substance with antiviral properties, could be used as a drug against ...
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Baheda, the Indian powder that strengthens hair and brightens the skin
Baheda, also called bibhitaki, scientific name Terminalia bellerica, is a typical plant of Asia whose fruits are used and appreciated in Ayurveda. Bah...
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