Natural Home Remedies: properties and uses

Properties and uses of the most important natural home remedies, essential oils, herbal teas and herbal home remedies for the health and wellbeing of the body. How nature can improve our lifestyle.

The topics of Natural Home Remedies

Grapes against inflammation and for heart health
September is the month of grapes, sweet and juicy. But grapes are also a mine of antioxidants, vitamins, mineral salts and, as evidenced by a recent s...
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Beer, more than a drink, almost a food but to be taken with care
Beer is a low alcoholic drink obtained from the fermentation of cereals and flavored with hops. Beer is a drink of ancient origin, so much that it was...
Dried fruit against cell degeneration
Scientists estimate that at least 40% of cancers can be prevented with lifestyle and diet changes. Therefore, it is better to limit red and processed ...
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Plantain and spearmint against anxiety, irritability and insomnia
Anxiety, fatigue, irritability and insomnia, these are very common disorders that can have a great impact on everyday life, in personal relationships,...
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Cottonseed oil, for a young skin and soft hair
But don’t you use cotton to make clothes? Of course, but through the cold pressing of its seeds another product with interesting cosmetic properties i...
Oregano, properties and uses in the kitchen
Oregano, scientific name Origanum vulgare, is an aromatic plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family, highly appreciated for cooking as a scented spice. ...
Raisins, sweet and healthy
Sometimes it doesn't take much to improve our health. A small gesture, such as adding some raisins to the breakfast yogurt or eating a handful of rais...
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Winter savory essential oil
Winter savory, scientific name satureja montana, is a plant of the Lamiaceae family. From the steam distillation of the herb an essential oil with int...
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