Vaginal discharge, painful and heavy periods, premenstrual syndrome, helps to heal wounds and sores, brings relief in case of conjunctivitis, genital infections.
The Alchemilla, or lady's mantle, is a plant belonging to the Rosaceae family and has always attracted attention due to its characteristic beads that form around the edges of the leaves because of the natural transpiration of the plant itself. The medieval alchemists used them as an ingredient to try to find the philosopher's stone, hence the name given to the plant: alchemilla. Today you can use the alchemilla to stop bleeding, to treat bowel disorders, water retention, heavy legs, obesity and specifically for women leukorrhea, heavy periods, premenstrual syndrome. The alchemilla has a soothing effect on diabetes, it promotes healing of wounds and sores, helps you in case of conjunctivitis and genital infections.

Infusion for internal use as a diuretic, remedy in case of irregular menstruation, obesity

Bring to boil a cup of water, remove from heat and put to infuse 2 teaspoons of dried plant for ten minutes. Drink three cups a day between meals.

Decoction for external use in case of sores, wounds, inflammations, conjunctivitis

To speed up the healing process of wounds, but also to give relief from inflammation or conjunctivitis prepare a decoction by boiling a liter of water with two handfuls of the plant for a few minutes, then filter and, once warm, apply to the part.

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