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Aloe arborescens

September 24, 2017
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Aloe arborescens

Antioxidant, purifying and anticancer properties, against degenerative illnesses and inflammations, able to support the immune system, useful to protect the liver and counteract problems such as sour stomach, poor digestion and constipation

The plants of Aloe genus belong to the Aloacee family and are represented by a wide range of succulent varieties but, among them, the most important are aloe barbadendis Miller, also known as aloe vera, and aloe arborescens, both characterized by therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Aloe vera has big and fleshy leaves full of gel, for this reason this type of aloe can be used in cosmetics in order to treat problems of skin, acne, irritations, burns, sunburns, wounds, dandruff and itching, aloe arborescens, on the contrary, has smaller and thinner leaves with a thick peel and less gel. However, the gel of aloe arborescens has, compared to aloe vera, a much higher content of active substances and this makes aloe arborescens a powerful remedy in order to purify the body, to protect it from degenerative illnesses, to support the immune system, to protect the liver, to act against inflammations and to treat problems such as sour stomach, gastritis and constipation. Well known is the recipe of Father Romano Zago based on 350 g of leaves of aloe arborescens that should be at least 5 years old, 500 g of honey and 40 ml of cognac, blend all the ingredients in the blender and keep in the fridge in a dark glass, the process to obtain this preparation will be proposed in a next video blog. This drink, according to the book Cancer can be cured of Father Romano Zago, can be taken for short periods of time, maximum for two weeks, a tablespoon before the main meals. It is possible that, especially in the first days, some diarrhea related to the purifying and laxative action of the remedy may occur. Don’t use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you are taking medicines ask your doctor for advice in order to avoid interactions. Finally, a consideration. The title of the book of father Romano Zago, cancer can be cured, is dramatic but you should keep in mind that all the remedies, even the most powerful, aren’t miraculous and health comes from a lifestyle that takes into account nutrition, sport and also moments of calm and serenity. In such a lifestyle, there is a place also for aloe arborescens that has demonstrated purifying, antioxidant and anticancer properties. Indeed, according to a study published in 2009 on the journal In Vivo by an Italian team of the Hospital San Gerardo in Monza, the anti cancer activity of aloe arborescens is due to three processes induced by the remedy, namely the antiproliferative, immunostimulant and antioxidant processes.

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