Aloe vera

Acne, burns, skin irritations, scar healing.
a very fast way to obtain pure aloe vera gel is to directly buy it in herbalist’s shop, but the best solution should be to have a plant of aloe vera at home. In this way the aloe vera gel conserves all its incredible properties, in addition to this, by cultivating the plant of aloe vera by yourself you can be sure about the total absence of chemical fertilizers. Cut a slice of aloe vera and put the rest of the leaf in the fridge covered by a cloth. Use the slice of aloe vera and apply the gel directly on your skin in case of burns, wounds, pimples or skin irritations, also on your scalp. Do not wash. Aloe vera gel is very useful also in case of oily skin or acne, in this case you could have a burning feeling but this should be solved after a couple of treatments and it is due to the purifying action of aloe vera. Be sure not to have aloe vera hypersensitivity, try to apply the aloe vera gel on a small part of skin and observe the reaction.
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