Tonic action in case of stress and tiredness, antispasmodic properties, able to soothe menstrual and abdominal cramps, carminative effects, detox action, anti-inflammatory, helpful in case of headache and rheumatism, useful to prevent and treat cold, against depression or low self-confidence.
Angelica is a plant with umbrella-like flowers rich in healthy properties. Angelica has antispasmodic properties, it is tonic, anti-inflammatory, and has also detox and carminative effects. Thanks to these properties angelica is able to soothe menstrual and abdominal cramps and prevents the formation of intestinal gas. Useful in case of headache and rheumatism, angelica is also able to fortify bronchi and lungs. Do not take angelica during pregnancy and lactation or in case of sun exposure because it contains phototoxic substances.

As herbal tea

In case of tiredness, bloating , asthma, headache or menstrual cramps infuse 1 tablespoon of roots of angelica in one cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, filter and drink one cup a day.

Bath or foot bath

In case of rheumatism try to add a handful of roots to water. The bath should not be longer than 3 minutes because the juices of the plant are very active.

Essential oil

Smell the essential oil of angelica in order to disinfect nasal mucosa and to prevent cold. If diffused in the room the essential oil of angelica can be helpful in case of depression, low self-confidence by bringing harmony.
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