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Anti inflammatory foods Part 1

Anti inflammatory foods Part 1

July 29, 2018
Inflammations are the healing processes used by our body to counteract bacteria, virus, toxins but can also be dangerous when they become chronic and cause aging and illnesses
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Our body is an amazing machine, it protects and heals itself, it works continuously and makes us move, eat, run, in one word, live. It is able to take the nutrients that are needed from diet or it produces them by itself, it can use the antioxidants, powerful substances against aging, but it has also a special mechanism in case of threats to our health, such as toxins, virus, bacteria or a cell out of control. This mechanism is represented by inflammation, that is the healing fire of our body. Inflammation works inside the body but becomes visible for example in case of wounds, pimples or hits. The area becomes red, warm and swells up. What is happening? Thanks to the inflammatory process the blood vessels become larger in order to let flow a higher amount of blood in the damaged part. Here come the white blood cells sent by the immune system, they counteract the threat and the inflammation disappears. This is the normal process,that sa ves us from unpleasant consequences such as, for examples, infections. The problem is when the inflammation becomes chronic, this condition, subtle and without important symptoms, creates the favorable environment for aging and several illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, all the types of arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer, auto immune diseases, cancers but also wrinkles (Monica Reinagel, The Inflammation-free diet plan, McGraw Hill, 2006). It has been created a term to indicate this condition, inflammaging, from the mix between the word inflammation and aging (Franceschi et al, J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci, 2014). If antioxidants act against free radicals produced by the inflammations processes, there are also other lifestyles that can stop, or, on the contrary, promote chronical inflammations. For example, the overweight, especially in presence of belly fat, induces inflammations, but also a sugar and refined carbohydrates rich diet, an unbalance between omega 3 and omega 6 with too many omega 6 fatty acids, a condition unfortunately that can be observed very often in the Western world, sedentary life, stress, alcohol and cigarette smoke. But if some lifestyles can cause inflammations, other choices in our life can prevent or heal chronicinflammations. We aren’t speaking about miracles, about a food that, as soon as it is eaten, cancels every inflammation, this is not possible, but we are speaking about habits that in the long term will show their effects, a more luminous and tonic skin, a slim body, less pain, a better mobility. In this lifestyle diet plays a pivotal role, because, according to a study published in 2004 on the scientific journal Metabolism, a fiber-rich diet with a high intake of fruits and vegetables, unrefined carbohydrates and that reduces, at the same time, refined flours, sugars, hydrogenated and saturated fats and includes also long daily walks may be able to reduce of 45% the values of C-reactive protein that is considered an indicator of inflammations in progress. In the next post we will see more in detail these beneficial habits. This is also the opportunity to thank a lot a user of us with which we had a very fruitful information exchange that has helped create this post, thank you Walter!

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