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Anti inflammatory lifestyle Part 1, the physical activity

August 19, 2018
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Anti inflammatory lifestyle Part 1, the physical activity

A lifestyle that includes a moderate physical activity is helpful to soothe and remove stress, depression and inflammations, according to scientific studies

As we have seen in the previous posts, diet plays a pivotal role in counteracting chronic inflammations, the enemy number one if we want to grow old in good health, both physical and mental. According to scientific studies indeed, chronic inflammation, not the acute and beneficial one able to fight the threats like virus and bacteria, but the inflammation that works continuously and in silence is considered the cause of premature aging and several illnesses such as Alzheimer and depression, but also cancers, arthritis, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, auto immune diseases, wrinkles and dull skin. We are what we eat, as the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said, and this is true, because wrong foods such as fried food or refined cereals may worsen the inflammations, but we are also how we live. An anti inflammatory lifestyle should also include a moderate physical activity. On the basis of a study published in the prestigious journal Science, the peripheral inflammations on arms and legs may play a role in the accumulation in the brain of kynurenine, a substance associated with stress and depression (Cervenka et al, Sicence, 2017). However, according to the study, the physical activity helps remove this substance thanks to an enzyme produced by the well trained muscles. Once the kynurenine is removed from the body the brain gets better again and the inflammations are reduced (Age isn’t the same for everyone, Eliana Liotta). In addition to this, on the basis of another scientific research, (Sleiman et al, elIFE, 2016), physical activity promotes the production of neurotrophic factors, such as BDNF that is connected with a reduction of anxiety and depression and with an improvement of neuroplasticity that is mechanism that produces new neurons and synapsis by modifying the brain structure on the basis of the experience. Of course we are speaking about a moderate activity, not about a too strong and intense physical exercise that, on the contrary, is dangerous for the body. The best is represented by a regular and moderate activity, such as a brisk walk, the guide lines (Global recommendations on Physical activity for Health, 2010) indicate in this case at least 30 minutes of activity for 5 days per week and the app Natural Remedies offers you the possibility, in the dedicated section, to count steps, calories and time to keep under control your exercise during the day. But another good choice is given by stretching and flexibility exercises, such those of yoga and pilates, you can find several exercises, always updated, in the dedicated section of the app, but good are also dumbbell exercises and to tone abs.

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