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Apple cider vinegar

February 17, 2016
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Apple cider vinegar

Remedy for glossy hair, able to remove limescale, useful in case of dermatitis on the scalp, against lice, overweight, useful to purify the liver

Apple cider vinegar is an important remedy for the health and beauty of hair. Add a glass of apple cider vinegar to one liter of warm water and rinse your hair, do not rinse again with water. The smell of vinegar will vanish in a few minutes and your hair will be glossy and healthier, because vinegar removes limescale and shampoo. Apple cider vinegar can be used also in case of dermatitis that affects the scalp, in this case massage also gently the scalp after the rinsing procedure. In order to prevent and treat lice apple cider vinegar is also very helpful because lice hate the smell of vinegar and, in addition to this, vinegar is able to completely remove lice eggs. In case of lice, use the remedy with water and vinegar at every hair washing and soon afterwards use a finely-toothed comb soaked in vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar has also a powerful purifying action on the liver and stimulates lipid metabolism, for this reason it is helpful in case of overweight. For two weeks drink a glass of warm water with two teaspoons of vinegar before breakfast.

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