Tonic for the body, source of energy, against stress, able to improve memory and concentration, helpful to fortify the immune system, remedy in case of flu, colds, cough, protective action for the liver.
Astragalus has been known for millennia and used by ancient Chinese medicine, it is first of all a tonic for the body, very helpful in case of stress. Astragalus gives energy, improves concentration and memory. According to recent studies, astragalus is able to fortify the immune system. For this reason, the root of this plant results very useful in case of flu or cold. Astragalus can also protect the liver by helping it restore its functions in case of illness or medicines. Even though astragalus has been used for long there aren’t enough studies about collateral effects or possible drug interactions, for this reason it is recommended to ask your doctor before taking astragalus. Astragalus can be taken as mother tincture or dry extract.

Mother tincture

20-30 drops of astragalus mother tincture once a day to prevent illnesses and to fortify the immune system, 30-40 drops twice a day without food in case of flu, fever, cough or cold.

Dry extract

400-500 mg of dry extract once a day to prevent illnesses and to fortify the immune system, or 600-800 mg twice a day without food to heal infectious diseases.
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