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Bags under the eyes and dark circles, causes and natural remedies to counteract them

April 09, 2023
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Bags under the eyes and dark circles, causes and natural remedies to counteract them

Dark circles and bags under the eyes, here are some simple remedies for every day

Bags under the eyes and dark circles are the two most common conditions that can affect the area around the eyes. Bags and dark circles are not the same thing even if they can appear at the same time. It is a problem of an aesthetic nature, which, however, can be annoying and unpleasant for those who have it. Today we will try to understand what bags and dark circles are, what are the most common causes and the remedies available to us to counteract them.

Bags under the eyes and dark circles, causes

Bags under the eyes appear as a swelling under the eyes. The cause is a stagnation of liquids combined with the failure of skin elasticity that can appear due to stress, lack of rest, reduction of muscle tone but also a loss of tissue elasticity, caused by aging processes [1]. Dark circles appear as a dark halo under or around the eyes. The causes are varied, such as hyperpigmentation caused by an inflammatory condition. In fact, suffering from allergies and dermatitis can lead to inflammation and itching, with continuous rubbing of the area, hence the appearance of a darker color. Not only that, sinusitis and allergy can cause venous stasis in this area, with the consequent formation of dark circles, but also thinning of the skin can be the cause of the appearance of these dark halos as well as capillary fragility [1].

Bags under the eyes and dark circles, remedies

What to do to fight eye bags and dark circles? In case of dark circles under the eyes, help can come from bearberry. In fact, this plant contains arbutin, which is a substance that helps counteract the formation and accumulation of dark pigment, it brightens and lightens the skin [1]. Bring a cup of water to the boil, remove from the heat and add a spoonful of dried bearberry leaves. The bearberry can be found in herbalist's and chemist's shops. Leave to brew for 15 minutes, then filter and let it cool down. Soak some cotton pads and apply to closed eyes as a compress for about ten minutes. Not only that, against dark circles it can also be helpful to apply products containing antioxidant substances in the area under or around the eyes, such as vitamin C, E, or kojic acid [1]. Do you have strawberries in the fridge that are too soft that no one eats anymore? Wash them well, cut and slice them and apply them under the eyes, they will help you thanks to their richness in vitamin C! Or you can apply around the eyes, with a slow massage, vegetable oils containing vitamin E, such as prickly pear, argan and moringa oil, as well as sunflower oil, which also help nourish the skin to make it more elastic in order to counteract the appearance of bags under the eyes [2][3]. In case of bags under the eyes, help can come from the cucumber, which counteracts swellings and skin irritations [4]. You can cut slices of fresh cucumber and apply them around the eye area. To counteract the bags under the eyes, help also comes from eye massages, which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

Eye massages

Eye massages help improve microcirculation, drain excess liquids and tone the muscles, thus avoiding edema and saggy skin. A valid help comes, for example, from the Asahi massage, a typical massage of the Japanese tradition. The massage is based on fluid movements that lead the hands to apply light pressure to specific areas of the face and then flow towards the neck. The Asahi Massage video, which you can find in the Yoga and Pilates section, explains step by step how to perform this massage. There is also another type of massage, aimed at strengthening the muscles around the eyes and thus preventing eye bags. The massage consists in placing the index finger under the eye, where you can feel the cheekbone. While smiling, lifting the cheekbones which then press upwards, the fingers press downwards, counteracting the movement. You can hold the position for a few seconds and then release. The exercise, along with others aimed at toning and rejuvenating the area around the eyes and counteracting wrinkles all over the face, is explained step by step in the video Facial Yoga against wrinkles and for a luminous skin, in the Video blog section.

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