Remedy in case of kidney stones, uric acid and lymphatic stasis, digestive and diuretic properties, able to purify the liver, regulates the liver functions and is helpful in case of jaundice.
If you suffer from kidney stones or uric acid and lymphatic stasis then barberry, berberis vulgaris, can be very helpful for you. Take the fluid extract in this modality: 20 drops three times a day in a glass of water before meals, continue the treatment for a month. Barberry is able to regulate also the activity of the liver, purifies it and it is helpful in case of jaundice, it is digestive and diuretic. In these cases it is also possible to prepare infusions and decoctions. In particular, prepare the infusion of the barberry leaves in this way: add a tablespoon of barberry’s dried leaves to a cup of boiling water and leave to brew for 5 minutes, filter and drink. For the decoction let boil for about 20 minutes a spoon of barberry’s bark in a glass of water, filter and do not drink more than 1-2 cups a day. Avoid barberry for children or if you suffer from cardio-respiratory failure , do not exceed in any case with the recommend quantity that’s because can cause intoxications.
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