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Bergamot juice, the elixir of life with a citrus scent

August 29, 2021
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Bergamot juice, the elixir of life with a citrus scent

Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory, counteracts obesity and visceral fat, helps reduce the waistline, helps lower cholesterol, anticancer, helps against colitis and fatty liver

Fragrant and tasty, bergamot juice is a drink to be taken into consideration as part of a diet capable of preventing and treating diseases and disorders. This juice has been extensively studied by science that has demonstrated its anti-obesity, anti-cholesterol, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

Therefore, let's try to understand the action of bergamot juice and its benefits on our health.

Bergamot juice against obesity and visceral fat

Bergamot juice is able to reduce the amount of lipids in the blood. Not only that, it has been observed that, in the presence of a high-fat diet, drinking bergamot juice regularly has reduced the increase in body weight, in the accumulation of visceral fat and of the waistline (De Leo et al, Planta Med, 2020). Visceral fat is the most dangerous fat as it is not inert but produces hormones and pro-inflammatory substances, which, in the long run, can increase the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, hypertension and cellular degeneration but also can weaken the immune system. The anti-obesity action of bergamot juice has also been observed in the case of already obese people with hypercholesterolemia. In particular, a reduction in visceral fat, as well as in total cholesterol and bad cholesterol was observed after 30 days of taking bergamot juice (Rondanelli et al, Phytother Res, 2021). In addition to these beneficial properties, bergamot juice has also been shown, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, to counteract fatty liver (De Leo et al, Planta Med, 2020).

Bergamot and cholesterol juice

Bergamot has been shown to reduce bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. It is believed that some substances contained in bergamot juice, such as naringin and buteridine, are structurally similar to statins with a cholesterol-lowering action. Not only that, the flavonoids in bergamot juice bind to bile acids, increasing their excretion together with cholesterol and reducing the accumulation of triglycerides in the liver (Cai et al, Lipids Health Dis., 2017).

Bergamot juice against inflammation

Scientific studies have shown the ability of bergamot juice to reduce the presence of substances that stimulate inflammation. Inflammation is the body's response to a threat. However, the inflammation must pass when the threat has disappeared. Sometimes, on the other hand, it happens that the inflammation remains, low but chronic. This chronic inflammation must be countered as it can increase, in the long term, the risk of overweight and obesity, it can weaken the immune system, can favor cellular degeneration, diabetes and cardiovascular disease (Perna et al, Food Sci Nutr, 2019). The beneficial action of bergamot juice has also been observed in the case of colitis, since it reduced inflammation, bringing well-being to the gastrointestinal tract (Perna et al, Food Sci Nutr, 2019).

Bergamot juice against degeneration

Bergamot juice contains valuable antioxidants that counteract the damage of free radicals and cellular degeneration. In particular, scientific studies have observed that bergamot juice acts against inflammation and stimulates apoptosis, which is the programmed death, of diseased cells (Ferlazzo et al, Life Sci, 2016).

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